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Discover our aeronautical training courses most requested by our learners and provided by NOVAE training Solutions.

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Aircraft Maintenance Bridge Course Implement the standard procedures and best practices of aircraft maintenance through a practical and pragmatic training course. Application of maintenance tasks through familiarisation of aeronautical... see training
6 - 8
PART-147 Training Allow participants to apply with EASA regulations regarding the theoretical and practical training of aircraft mechanics, from the perspective of both the training organisation and the certifier. Allo... see training
PART-21 provides participants with an understanding of the PART-21 regulatory requirements, regarding design, production and the certification expected by the authorities.Carry out actions in accordance with... see training
PART M Enable participants to familiarize themselves with PART-M regulatory requirements (EASA requirements on commercial air transport - from the perspective of both certification authorities and operators)... see training
PART-145 Acquire detailed knowledge of Part-145 Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 with Sections A and B and related AMC/GM in order to facilitate its understanding. see training
PART-66 Training - Aircraft maintenance licence Increase understanding of the regulations regarding the licensing of aircraft maintenance personnel and accredited training centres. Acquire the knowledge necessary for the issuance of Part-66 licence... see training
CDCCL / Fuel Tank Safety Results of the investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the USA following the accident of flight TWA 800 highlighted discrepancies in the technical data; the purpo... see training
Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) Identify technical and regulatory safety requirements for electrical wiring interconnection systems. Maintain and update EWIS skills. see training
Human factors Understand the nature of human error and make recommendations for the practical implementation within organisations of the new requirements of PART/FRA-145. Provide guidance in the drafting of procedu... see training
Air stewardess / Steward CCA (Cabin Crew Attestation) The objective is to provide the candidate with all the theoretical and practical modules of the CCA so as to present the DGAC exam (The DGAC, the French Civil Aviation Authority), in order to apply fo... see training

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